October 10, 2015

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Department has Mr. Michael Wiredu as its head, the department seeks to ensure that the information systems Tumffour have in place are doing the job they are meant to do, and that when new systems are put in place, it is done well from the first time, with no need to replace, change or modify during the implementation phase.

The work of the Quality Assurance Department is focused, first of all, on preventing the claims from our clients. In case of receiving such claims on quality of provided services, the department starts searching the reasons and effects of the revealed discrepancies. Quality Assurance means the completion of a project in accordance with the previously agreed specifications and functionality required without defects and possible problems.

Mission Statement
We will provide the synergy for continual improvement of Tumffour’s operational effectiveness and for realization of the company’s strategic goals and objectives.

Quality Assurance Vision
Mission – Quality – Culture
Quality is Standard
Responsibility is Motivator
Recognition is Fact

Quality Assurance Goals

  • Be the focal point for change in corporate culture
    •    Be the catalyst for profitability
    •    Drive the development of organizational metrics
    •    Influence the improvement of internal business processes
    •    Influence the technical competence of the workforce
    •    Foster empowerment of the workforce to seek and make improvements
    •    Celebrate achievement

Quality Assurance Objectives

The general objective of the Quality Assurance Department is an enhancement of service quality and an increase of customer satisfaction. This we do through:

  • Continuous and consistent development, implementation and maintenance of quality assurance management systems.
  • Staff training and compliance with the requirements of the quality assurance management systems.
  • Quality control over provided services in accordance with The Rules and Standards of Tumffour.
  • Developing and making arrangements for enhancing the quality of provided services.
  • Organizing and conducting internal audit of the quality assurance management system.
  • Organizing and controlling corrective and preventing actions of quality management.
  • Control over equipment and service production process.
  • Control over service output.
  • Investigation of customer claims.