October 10, 2015


The Finance Department, headed by Mr. Kwadwo Asiedu Anderson (a Chartered Accountant) is responsible for maintaining Tumffour’s financial accounting system and providing financial information required by internal and external Stakeholders.  In addition to financial reporting, the Department plays a significant role in ensuring that Tumffour is in compliance with statutory requirements.

Mission Statement:
Record financial transactions and assist all stakeholders with integrity, accuracy, and timeliness while working towards the common goals of Tumffour.

Goals of the Finance Department:
To provide timely, accurate and relevant financial information, in order to meet the internal and external financial reporting requirements of Tumffour. The financial information provided to internal parties should assist them in making the necessary financial management decisions.

  • To ensure that existing policies and procedures for financial operations are enforced.
  • To ensure that adequate, competent staff are available to carry out the functions of the department.
  • To ensure that the personnel in the Finance Department work with all other departments, in order to achieve the overall goals and objectives of Tumffour.
  • To maintain Financial Records in compliance with the Ghana Companies code 1963 (Act 179) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Utilize continuous improvement processes to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the company’s financial operations.
  • Utilize existing technology to maximize productivity of the department.